The Chain of Events

In the hurry to move, this was saved as a draft and never posted…until now. Hold onto your hats for the excitement!

I got up; didn’t shower (yet); fed the cat; made an omelet with the last of the eggs and fresh vegetables in the fridge; made cappuccinos with the last of the milk; had breakfast; defrosted and cleaned out the fridge; washed and folded five loads of laundry (so far); packed away lingerie and the like into a moving box marked “private”; bagged all suits and dresses into garment bags and hung them back in the closets; moved all books into piles as they will be shelved in the new apartment; put all shoes together; set valuables, cash, jewelry and watches aside to put in the car later; collected and bagged all cat toys (ongoing project) and paraphernalia; packed the cat’s stuff; packed a suitcase for the week; put new bedding on the bed (will just stuff it all in a bag and drive it over); set aside the map of Nurnberg, made sure the new address was written in my iPhone; tidied everything up so that when it’s unpacked on Tuesday, there will be a high likelihood that it will be in the right room.

Movers come at 8am. Olli will stick around long enough to be sure he isn’t needed and will load our suitcases and Fergus in the car and head off. I stay till the movers leave and then hop a train to Nurnberg, hopefully not too late. If we’re really lucky, we’ll manage to reunite at his bachelor pad in time to head to Ikea and order the closets (we will have no storage room in the new place).

The Next Day:
Tuesday morning at 6am, the movers come to unload and the kitchen guys soon after. Hopefully I can keep them busy talking logistics until 7 am so the new neighbors don’t hate us forever for making tons of noise at the crack of dawn. Olli will go to work and I’ll supervise unloading, rebuilding and kitchen installation. Hopefully things will be civilized enough by evening to bring Fergus over and spend our first night in the apartment.

The Day After That:
No rest for the weary, we’ll be up and out by 7 the next day at the latest, on our way back to Munich. Oliver will head to a convention and drop me off at work. Wednesday night we do the final walk through in the old apartment with the new tenant (who has announced she is bringing back up in case someone tries to cheat her). After that we head back to Nberg.

And The Day After That (and that):
I come back in the morning to work the day in Munich and then… Friday is an off day for me and I start to unpack.

And In Two Weeks:
My parents have emailed that they grabbed some cheap tickets and are heading over the first week of June, so we have a deadline for getting moved in enough that they don’t have to sleep on the floor and eat out of cans.

Fast forward a few weeks and my parents are one week into their three week stay. With home office, family and on-going home-improvement, most updates will be Twittered until things calm down.


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