Horney in the tub

Horney in the tub, originally uploaded by meganinmunich.

For the first week after our move, the antlers were stored in the bathtub. Once we got them out of the tub, and back on the wall where they belong, we discovered that although our new bathroom has a shower stall for one, our new tub fits two big grown people like us.

The drain thingy is also in the middle so no one has to take one for the team and squirm uncomfortably while pretending it’s so neat to be in the bath with you.

Since my parents have come-had-their-three-week-stay-with-us-and-gone, we’ve had a chance to try out this tub. It’s awesome.

Has it really been almost two months since we moved in?

I have GOT to get out of the tub and start telling you all how things have been.


2 responses to “Horney in the tub

  1. Love the “Trash Talk” you can take the girl out of the country; but …….. re; white trash picnic
    Uncle Dave

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