The Great Catotel Experiment

**Update – Fergus seems to have weathered that a lot better than expected. True, he’d hidden himself in a corner when we got there to collect him, but he was healthy and intact and even gave us a headbutt greeting when picked up. I’m feeling better about the upcoming two weeks he’ll be spending there, although I still wish the place had a webcam so I could check in.**

Tonight begins a big experiment. We’ve not been successful in finding a new super-cat-babysitter like we had in Munich to look after Fergus.

With our annual trip to the US, we’ve had to compromise our principals. We’ve opened our minds to boarding him.

We’d looked into services that come to the house, but since we still haven’t met our neighbors, the risk seemed too high that he’d be left alone, fed irregularly, or perhaps not at all.

So this weekend is the big test. Ahead of us is a three day weekend in Austria. Ahead of Fergus is a short stint at what I’m calling (and hoping will be like) Summer Camp.

We checked it out two weeks ago. The lady seemed nice and the cats content. I saw plenty of places he could hide and mope. To give him an edge, I stopped clipping his nails.

Hope he doesn’t get his fuzzy butt kicked.


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