Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, originally uploaded by meganinmunich.

We came back Monday night after spending a long weekend in Austria with Oliver’s family. There were some other reasons for going that I’ll get into later, but one of them was my nephew’s third birthday.

Three years and almost two months ago, Paul came close to being born there in Kaernten. The whole family was gathered as always at this lake, when my sister-in-law started having early contractions and was rushed to the hospital. After some serious meds, an ambulance ride and weeks of enforced bed rest in a Munich clinic, my nephew was eventually born by emergency c-section, almost a full two months early.

After such a rough start, it’s quite something to look at the little terror now and remember how squirrel-like and tiny he was in his incubator. He’s come quite a long way.

But at three he hasn’t come so far that he can read, let alone in English, so when my father-in-law accidentally bought the wrong banner, we went ahead and put it up anyway.

Happy Birthday kid!


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