I have failed Travel 101

It’s 3am and I know where my head should be: on my pillow. Well, it’s not.

These last few nights it has been a struggle to stay up late enough to get ourselves back into normal sleep patterns.  We got back on Sunday morning and should have been in good shape. Our business class upgrade (with miles of course) netted us cushy sleep couches and an opportunity for Oliver to show me his new favorite place on Earth: The Frankfurt Lufthansa Welcome Lounge.

People, if you have the status or at least a business class ticket and are landing in Frankfurt before 12:30, get yourselves over there.

It was heaven. We walked in and were assigned shower suites . We went down a level,  into a spa-like atmosphere fitting for a five star hotel, walked into our cabins and what followed after for the next 45 minutes was just lovely.  Waterfall shower head, dressing room area, complementary L’Occitane toiletries, fluffy towels, hairdryer, ironing service, everything you need to fresh-up and feel human again. And once you’re done there’s a big, beautiful, spacious, and most of all quiet, lounge with big leather armchairs, lots of space to spread out, and a bistro with a pretty impressive spread of food and drinks to choose from. Sitting there, all clean, having breakfast with Oliver, clothes freshly pressed, it was pretty invigorating.

Well somehow we went and ruined it because almost every night we’re awake at 4, or rather Oliver wakes up at 4 and tosses and turnes until I join him. Today he’s on a business trip (and probably awake by now). I’m still waiting to go back to bed. I nodded off in front of the TV at 7, woke up at 12, and here I am…

Ok, I’m off to stare at the ceiling.

**Lounge pictures taken from a recent post from another traveller, his take on the experience is here.


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