Stuff I love – Oktoberfest edition

Just for the record, I’m a consumer of more than just wine and too much food. I like stuff, all kinds of stuff.

Since others may like some of that stuff too, I make lists of stuff I like over here. I also park links to them under the tab at the top of the page entitled “I Love Stuff“. (It should be clear how I feel about this stuff by now.)

My latest list is about my favorite options for traditional Bavarian outfits (click on the image below to view). I have three dirndls and I’m feeling about ready for a new one. This could have something to do with the fact that we’re in the middle of Oktoberfest and there are dirndls afoot everywhere.

Admit it girls, you want one.

Admit it girls, you want one.

I wasn’t so sure about dirndls when I first came over. I saw them as a little sexist, but then I relaxed and turned down my overactive feminist radar left over from my college days and saw them for what they are: sexy-yet-strangely-wholesome traditional outfits that show off most women to their best advantage. That’s actually quite remarkable. You can’t say that about most clothes.

Some foreigners I know are hesitant to wear them because they didn’t grow up in the culture. For what it’s worth, a large majority of the people living in Munich are from somewhere else, either from somewhere other than Bavaria or from outside the country. If you took a survey of people under 45, I think you would find that a most of them own a dirndl or lederhosen for Oktoberfest, if for no other reason. A friend of mine went with her office last week, about half of them had bought their outfit within the previous 3 days, but all of them were dressed the part.

As for you other expats out there living in Bavaria, do you have a dirndl or lederhosen? Thinking about it? Well, there’s still another 10 days of Oktoberfest to go, so it’s not too late get geared up properly for the Wies’n. Or you can get an early head start on next year…

More lists on other topics are under the “I Love Stuff” tab at the top of this page. Oh and Jen, there’s a list coming soon – super late – but especially for you baby-mamas out there.


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