Postcard from Sylt

Postcard from Sylt, originally uploaded by meganinmunich.

Just came back from a lovely, blustery few days on Sylt, a small island just off the coast of Germany in the North Sea.

As a former San Franciscan, I love the combination of cold beaches, rainy weather and salty air. If only they had fog, it’d be perfect.

For those who can read German, Spiegel posted an article about Sylt in the Fall.


2 responses to “Postcard from Sylt

  1. Gee, how did I find you? I was looking for a picture of a drink, we drink on Sylt and somehow got here. I am from Sylt. Married to an American Coast Guards man, lived in Sonoma county for years, all the while working in San Francisco in the Hyatt on Union Square and now there you are.
    I am so glad you enjoyed your time on Sylt. there is no place in the world that can compare to it. The air smells different than anywhere else in the world. I love going home to Sylt in November, when it’s blustery and wet.

    make it a great weekend….Iris

  2. Yes, I drank a bit on Sylt too. We go every October and I love it. It’s a truly fantastic place with no real comparison. The thatch-roofed homes, dunes, wind and the light… it’s beautiful there. You must miss it. My husband’s from Bremen and dreams of being again somewhere near the ocean – he’s looking to get back that northern fishhead feeling ;-).

    Thanks for letting me know you stopped by!

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