Now What?

After years of climbing small personal mountains by moving to Germany, learning the language and getting back into the workforce, I think I’ve reached a plateau of sorts where the hurdles become less extraordinary and life and its challenges have become relatively ‘normal’ again. For a long time my goals were a focused few: get there and stay there (ie visa, language, job, overall: survive).

These all seemed big enough at the time that I wasn’t sure that I’d ever achieve them, so I spent little time and energy looking beyond them to plan for the ‘now what?’ part that comes after. But here I am more or less (still here, still foreign), and now that I have built the foundations for a life over here, I’m realizing that I now have to move forward and actually live it.

Some relocations, one that happened and one that didn’t, also had gotten in the way of me getting serious about long term plans for anything other than being ready to pick up stakes and move. Now we’ve gone and done that move, landed in Nberg, and here I am with no more excuses to not start thinking about the next moves for me.




2 responses to “Now What?

  1. Oh, the snow globe phenomenon – all the flakes have settled, so time to shake violently to make it more interesting again 😉

    Ok, joking aside – wish you luck in figuring out some new goals. It’s always good to step back from time to time and survey the scene. Sometimes I figure things out, sometimes life happens and distracts me again.

  2. 🙂 That last line of yours seems to have been my MO for some time. Now I need to rattle my own cage for once…

    You also have a birthday coming up in early December don’t you? These little landmarks are always wake-up calls for me. Another year? Quick, status check!

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