These Walls Can Talk

My (usually) quiet bachelor neighbor is having a dinner party. It’s 1 am and a round of slightly wobbly male voices just belted out “Country Road” and now they’re tearing into “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”.

That the walls of the building are that thin is good to know…sorta wish I’d known a bit sooner. Definitely going to watch my enthusiastic vocalizations during the home movie bloopers show. There’s potential for all kinds of misunderstandings.

Oh…is it Raining Men? Hallelujah.

**Update – Sunday he came to the door with chocolates and an apology for being loud, explaining that his friends were helping him “break in his Wii”. A few years ago I would have understood that completely differently.**


4 responses to “These Walls Can Talk

  1. What is it about that “Country Roads?” It shows up everywhere in this country. I am always so amused whenever I hear it in public that I belt it out in my best possible cheesevoice.

    Kiki Dee can stay in retirement, as far as I am concerned.

  2. They certainly love it. I had to talk a guy down once at Oktoberfest who was so certain it was a German song that he was quite upset at being disillusioned.

    Kiki Dee was sort of out of left field, but the Weather Girls could have been predicted, especially for my neighbor. 😉

  3. Wait…is this Take Me Home Country Roads? Because, I swear, I have had that song stuck in my head on a never ending loop since we arrived in Portugal. I think it is a European curse.

  4. “Almost heaven, West Virginia, Blue ridge mountains, Shenandoah River…”

    That’s the one. 😉

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