Life List – Or – How I plan to learn how to properly prepare an artichoke before I die

It’s easy to drift into a daily routine where the furthest you look ahead is the next week or upcoming vacation. All too often I’ve heard myself saying that I have to do/try something “sometime” and then make no effort or plans to actually go that restaurant, see that town, do that thing.

I realized lately that I was being too relaxed about making plans and I needed a way to remind myself to do more than think about something. I’ve been tinkering with a master “to do” list of sorts for a few months. This is not a new idea; there are some good examples of people doing this online, my favorite though is this one.

I floated the idea past Oliver (my husband who is so organized that I almost expected that he already had a list hidden away somewhere, quietly ticking items off this whole time). He liked it and wanted to do it too. We put our heads together one night and came up with our own rules and lists. We’ll see how good we are at working through them.

Here’s my take on it: Life List. Bucket List. Whatever you want to call it. For me it’s My Big To Do List, a working list of things I want to achieve in my life going forward. Some goals are really big and some are more like tasks or activities, either way, they all fall under the category of things I want to do before I’m dead.

Here are our Rules: The goal is to always have goals, and to always work towards achieving them. The number of goals on the list should be kept at 100, so choices should be considered with care. Once on the list, the goal stays on until achieved. A new one can be added only when one has been crossed off. No cancellations unless it is no longer humanly possible.

Aim for a good balance of short and long term goals – aim low and high, both big and small – too many of one or the other will ruin the fun.

Oh, and have fun.

I’ve parked my list in the menu above. You can click on this link to have a look. Anyone else working on good resolutions or To Do lists this year?


3 responses to “Life List – Or – How I plan to learn how to properly prepare an artichoke before I die

  1. For the last couple of years I’ve been working on lists each year (the number of items corresponds to the age of my next birthday) and that’s pretty fun. The Life List sounds like a great place to dream really big though, and yours is pretty inspiring! Good luck, and I look forward to hearing about your adventures!

    • I wish I’d seen your lists earlier, you’ve got some good things on there. 🙂 I might be trolling for ideas once I have a few crossed off here. I’ll be keeping tabs on your progress with your list, good luck!

  2. This is a great post. Good luck with your list. Check out the 90 for some great ideas to add to your list.

    Have a great 2011,

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