Kitten Update – We’re Making Progress

She's quite the lady next to him.

At the close of week three with a new cat in the household, things are finally settling down. Here’s a list of updates:

She’s not pregnant, just prone to chubbiness

It appears we've dodged the bullet.

Scarlett looks like she will be a dainty little cat, but she’s got a street urchin’s appetite, so we’re gonna have to watch her. The belly grows depending on what she’s able to stuff in there, so we’re pretty sure there isn’t any other trouble brewing.

Drugs are bad

No feel gud. Go way.

The worms meds we gave her were like kitten drano and wiped her digestive tract out of commission for two weeks. The first week she was really suffering and needed a lot of looking after. Now after two weeks of shots and digestive flora supplements, she’s bounced back and pooping like a champion.

Fergus wants to eat her or…um…well

They're not yet ready to cuddle, but I keep hoping.

Just like with the last little one in the household, Fergus could barely contain himself from licking and chomping on the kitten like he was trying to get to the chewy center of a Tootsie Pop. Also, he seems to notice this one is female. This make us uncomfortable sometimes, we’d like to think they could develop a family bond…but either it’s more of a backcountry one or he’s trying to be that creepy uncle in every family whose lap you know better than to sit on.

Apparently she's delicious.

He’s fixed, and she will be soon, so nothing can happen – and really nothing does – and it seems to be tapering off, we hope.

This is as close as they've come to co-sleeping.

Fergus loves his bag again

He’s way too small for it, but ever since I started transporting Scarlett to the doctor in it, Fergus has been taking every opportunity to snooze in his old bag and keep her out of it. It seems unfair to stick him in plastic crate and let her travel in style. I will now have to get around to getting him a new one.

Iz mein, U cant havvit.


And for the Google image surfers coming over on kitten searches, may I suggets these sites:


Daily Kitten

Sleepy Kittens (it’s a photo-song-montage)

And…CuteOverLoad Kittens!

Now go waste your Friday somewhere else. 🙂


3 responses to “Kitten Update – We’re Making Progress

  1. Hi Megan,

    Thanks so much for stopping by today—I’m loving your kitty pics and the shiny smiley personality that comes through in your writing. I have a boy kitty and a girl kitty myself, and I swear watching them beats watching TV 10 to 1!

    Those mexican wrestling masks? Found at the intersection of South Van Ness and 24th. There are some crazy stores in the Mission! If you like, I’m more than happy to mail one your way–just say the word! Drop me a line at


    • Hi Anne,

      Thanks for dropping by with such a nice and prompt reply! I’m looking forward to dropping by that store on my next trip to California. Thanks for offering to mail one, but I can’t pass up the excuse to browse such a display. 🙂

      Many thanks!


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