And The Fur Flies…

Things are a bit off schedule over here in Nberg. I got the news last week that a deadline that has been moved 5 weeks forward. This means there’s a grindstone over here and my nose is not far from it. Looking in my WordPress account you’d see ‘Draft’, ‘Draft’, ‘Draft’. There’s stuff to say, but I first have to say it for the guy that pays me.

Meanwhile the cats are amusing themselves, perhaps a wee bit too much.

Scarlett is in heat.

It’s not going to get very far with Fergus, but not for a lack of trying. We keep discovering them in rooms doing things that are comical, if not productive. The best one so far is the one where she lays on her side, purring and cooing and he stands on top of her and does this dance by stepping from one paw to the other, his full weight pressing down. Fergus is about four times her body weight but she doesn’t seem to care right now. He seems to know that these are stolen moments because every time we come across them he gives us this guilt-ridden furtive look, wracking his brain for alibis.

Then there’s the chasing and tussling about. The fur is literally flying. At first I couldn’t understand why all of a sudden there were clouds and tumbleweeds of hair everywhere. Then I realized that the all night flirt sessions have consequences. Scarlett has noticeable hair loss on her belly, probably from his step dance.

Yesterday, I did an online research on Roombas.


5 responses to “And The Fur Flies…

  1. i swear by the roomba. do it!

  2. I second the roomba–I have that deadly combo of 4 cats, wood floors, and no one to help me keep up with the housecleaning. I still get geeked out over the fact that I can be doing something else (e.g. washing dishes, laundry, etc.), and my house is getting swept.

    Seriously, the roomba? Best $200 I’ve ever spent on anything.

  3. We have tiles (awful) and since Scarlett started shedding it’s crazy here. I was looking at the new pet roomba – seems super cool. But it’s also about the price of the furniture I wanted for the balcony.

    Do you think I can I get away with a less powerful model?

  4. hmm, well, i bought mine in the states and then bought the german charger. the charger was 70 euros, but the roomba was a steal with the exchange rate.

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