Friday Morning Surf

Reading up on Alexander Mcqueen, I was reminded about these legs, on this woman, that I first thought were fantastic, other-worldly boots.

This winter has seen me wearing almost only these Shabbies from Amsterdam. I love boots, and I like snowy winters, but I am about ready for a change to something different.

The fruitless humping in dark rooms has subsided somewhat but the tufts of hair continue to multiply. As time to vacuum is hard to find, I think it’s a matter of days before I cave and get this super dude.

I’ll be treading lightly and carrying a big stick now that I see Signs your cat is plotting to kill you.

A giant crab with five foot legs would make a great gumbo. Apparently if a cannibal were to eat me, I would most likely taste like broiled fish.

Hmmm, so does my husband. They fart glitter, 10 reasons to date a unicorn.

And finally, the Unhappy Hipsters put the right words to the pictures that always seemed a bit…off.

Believe it or not, it was one of their more successful parties.


2 responses to “Friday Morning Surf

  1. I love the Unhappy Hipsters – those pic’s always need some commentary!

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