Ab in die Berge! Or, How We Went to the Alps to Change the World, One Tiny Ripple at a Time.

Two rebels are heading off soon to make trouble in the mountains and soak in a lot views like this one.

Photoshop-free, just crazy gorgeous.

This weekend is the annual meeting of apartment owners for our building in Austria, and now that we are officially one of them, we’re going over to start a revolution and probably make a few enemies among the silver set.

Build in the 1960’s the majority of those who own apartments in the building were young at that time and are… well, a little crotchety now. The house rules, posted in three languages at the door, are a riot.

It’s four pages of: No running. No noise. „Quiet Time“ is like 18 out 24 hours a day. It’s very detailed and ridiculous.

Obviously we – and a lot of other people who actually use the place (the grandkid generation of the owners) – do not hold themselves to the more restrictive ones. For the most part they are largely ignored, but they are still officially on the books, and we’d like to change that and shift the rules in favor of the coming generation.

Right after we signed on the apartment Oliver started making plans. We’re starting modest, but it’s still going to ruffle some feathers. The elderly do not like change and Germans do not like reducing rules, they prefer to add to them.

Hopefully we will prevail. In our favor is the fact that: a) we are going to be there to vote b) most of the others won’t bother to come, and c) collectively the family has three apartments and three votes.

And the crazy rules we’re attacking first? Well, they are:

Removing the swim cap requirement for people in the pool (this currently applies even to my brother-in-law, pictured below).

Note the bald head of the one on top and the annoyed expression of the one on the bottom.

Instituting a two-hour splash time between the hours of 4 and 6 pm for children and people of all ages. (Children under five, like my nephew above, are right now not even allowed in the pool, and any swimming that causes splashes is strictly forbidden.)

We also hope to buy a beer for the crazy fool who is suggesting to install broadband and WiFi. A kindred soul? Perhaps!

Man we are going to be making some waves. I fully expect at least one senior will try to spit on us. And if I’m lucky I’ll get a dirty foreigner comment. This round is to get our feet wet, next time around we’ll tackle the noise rules.

We’re off now to make the world a better place (at least for people like us).

Along with such selfless acts, we will try to balance that with wine, schnapps and things better imagined and left unmentioned.

Threadless t-shirts rock the Alps. Stay tuned.

Oh..and skiing of course! 🙂


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