German Sparkle Party!

Do You Like To Party Party? Yes, I Like To Sparkle Party!

*WARNING* This will stick in your head ALL day and ALL night.

I am in love with this German Sparkle Party video on youtube from the Something Experience. Now, I can’t stop saying, “party pants, party pants!” in a bad German accent.

Even to people who won’t get the reference.

Put on your party pants everyone! Happy Weekend!


9 responses to “German Sparkle Party!

  1. This reminds me a lot of the Gay Pimp…

  2. Thanks, that was excellent. Party pants, indeed!

  3. Oh a whole lotta moxie in this one, bringing the German Sparkle Party to a toilet yard. thanks for sharing this..

  4. What?

    I just figured this was why we all moved here.

  5. Crap. The above was supposed to be from me.

  6. So I was trying to figure out why web searches were winding up on my site for German Sparkle Party. I had forgotten about this post (avoided the link to avoid even more racket in my brain 😉 Then it caught my eye in my blogroll and I could not resist this time. Pahty Pants. Hahd core dahnce. Hahd core dahnce. OMG

  7. oh! How compelling! And, yes, ear-worm inducing… 🙂

    Thanks for posting this – I’ve had to forward the you-tube link to many people back home in Oz -to share the experience!

    cheers from Düsseldorf!

  8. And a belated thank you for your bounceback post with the Sparkle/Spargel breakdowns… I somehow knew somebody would make spargel ice cream. Hadda happen.

    The Portland restaurants you spoke of are all absolutely top notch– we couldn’t fit everything we wanted in on our return visit, so we just did a memory lane tour of our regular joints, plus the biggest buzz of the moment (Beaker & Flask). Another ex-Portlander now living here openly mourns the fact that she can’t visit Le Pigeon every week like she used to. There are so many Portland foodie websites, but Eater PDX from the same group that brought you Eater SF is a good place to start.


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