I’ll Kill Her (Well, I’d At Least Consider It)

Because my music collection is miserable and my iTunes library a disorganized mess, I’ve been really enjoying listening to 8Tracks, which is basically the online equivalent of sharing mixed tapes.  I’m having a lot of fun and am uncovering more new music than I can afford (or bother) to ever purchase on my own.

This little French singer Soko is my flavor of the day, partly for her killer accent, but also for her killer attitude.

Oliver and I have very different views on fault and blame when it comes to cheating. His (perhaps European?)  attitude towards infidelity exonerates the outside person. Although I would also place the fault squarely on the one who strayed, I don’t think I could entirely help having some feelings about the person they turned to.

Maybe it’s immature, but deep down, even though I wouldn’t act on it, if ever in the situation, a part of me would want to react exactly like this:

Plus, I think her hair is totally cute.


2 responses to “I’ll Kill Her (Well, I’d At Least Consider It)

  1. That’s very interesting. I know several German women who have said that the outside player is not at fault in infidelity. I asked my German man and he says that the outside person is at fault, but not as much as the married person. I think the outside person is, like the purchaser of stolen goods, responsible in participating in a crime (a moral one, I think, in terms of marriage. Or contractual violation, if you think of it that way.) and is at fault. I don’t think that person is at fault if he did not know the other person was married, though.
    I’d say that it was an interesting cultural difference except that I have had American friends who felt the same way.

  2. Yeah, I’m not totally sure if it’s a cultural difference, or just different from my mindset. Somehow I feel it’s more relaxed over here but I have no real proof.

    But the song is totally cute
    I think. 🙂

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