Please sir may I have some more?

Still quite the street urchin, Scarlett will try and eat anything. Along with snatching food right out from under Fergus’s nose, using a clever monkey-like maneuver with her little paw to drag everything into her waiting open mouth, she’ll have a go at stealing anything not securely sealed in thick layers of plastic.

Nothing is really safe from her, but she has a particular fondness for bread. We discovered this when Oliver baked a loaf and left it to cool on the counter. Twenty minutes later, he found the whole back end missing, nibbled off while it was still steaming hot. This was also after she’d already lapped up the entire egg wash he’d prepared for the crust when his back was turned.

The egg theft was probably a healthy move for her. I wasn’t so sure about the bread, but after eating half her weight she didn’t even bloat, so apparently it’s ok.

We’re learning, albeit slowly, to keep things out of her reach. In the meantime, butter and cheese slices go missing and crackers get mysterious rounded edges when left on the counter out of direct line of sight.

Oh, and very spicy curried cauliflower seems to be her thing too.


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