Project Renovation – Austria Edition

In about two shakes of a lamb’s tail, Oliver an I will pack up our bags, corral our cats and head over to Austria for a working vacation. There we’ll sandwich arrangements for the renovation of our wee little vacation apartment, in between family stuff and kiddie birthdays, soaking up a little sunshine and plenty of libations.

We can’t actually start renovating until Fall because the house by-laws forbid renovation during tourist seasons. So we’ll be interviewing carpenters and plumbers, source tile and choose fixtures and all that good stuff so when the time comes to start we’ll fly out of the gate.

It’s a little stressful because it’s a little place. I’ve had to think of this as more of a renovation on an Airstream than an apartment. Everything has its efficient little use and place in there and moving one thing causes a domino effect with everything else. In order to give it a roomier feel we’re knocking down parts of walls, removing all but the essential storage space and we’re even going to attempt a floating kitchen in the little hallway between living and sleeping spaces.

Is it going to work? I don’t know. But I hope so.

The idea is to have a modern stylish-yet-comfortable space that doesn’t completely lose the Alpine feel. (I think we can partly capture that with a bar stocked with local schnapps.) We’re also trying to fit in some quirky fun stuff ripped off from our favorite hotels, including a pink wall that we’ll ground into the theme with some antlers (flamboyant Tracht!). Right now we’re quarreling over whether to put a window in the wall of the bathroom that borders the living room – giving the shower occupant a view straight through the living room to the full wall picture window with a panoramic view of the alps.

I’m not convinced.  Maybe we need to have a sober planning session before signing any contracts.


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