There and back again.

Rolling back into Nürnberg at about 1 am on Sunday morning, we had just enough energy to have a commemorative bottle of wine and then hit the sack. Sunday didn’t seem too inspiring for doing much more than doing laundry so here I am, the following Friday, still unpacking.

Of course instead of doing that, I’ve decided to download the pictures from the camera and surf important topics on the internet. The clock is inching towards noon and I am still in my pajamas and my hair is pointing skywards, so I’ll keep this brief.

Project Renovation is well on its way. About half of the time we were there was spent meeting with contractors and selecting materials, and sorting out the contents of the apartment.

And what are those plans you ask? In short: we’re gutting the place and starting over.

It’s too bad there isn’t a tool like a potato peeler for apartments that we could just place at one end and drag through to clean it out, because that’s what’s  happening. If it all works out though, it’s going to be really nice and will finally suit our needs.

Most important will be rebuilding the bedroom to accommodate a double bed (instead of two singles) so we can finally stop sleeping on a sofa bed and installing a toilet without a shelf (yay!) so my husband can forget he ever had to learn the term ‘courtesy flush’. Some of you in Germany will know how wonderful a change that last one will be.

Here’s a cow.



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