Renovation: Before Pictures

The view of the entrance hallway, from the kitchenette.

When I tell someone that we’re renovating a little vacation apartment in Austria I actually use the words “teeny tiny”. It’s almost like we’re fixing up an Airstream trailer rather than an apartment. It’s so small you can’t even say cozy without being sarcastic.

Everything had its place and every place was packed with stuff. All the cupboards, shelves and cubby holes were full. Behind those cabinet doors is a set of Villeroy and Boch china for 8 people, with tea and coffee cups.

Tucked among the multiple silk flower arrangements was a full spice rack, two juicers and four sets of vinegar and oil bottle for the table. Also, that lime green apron (which I kept).

Entering the super pink bathroom...

This cute little elderly couple had vacationed here since the early 60’s and their mark was everywhere. Note the symbol on the door to the (super pink) bathroom. 🙂

Pink. With roses!

And the rose appliqués that the lady had done herself. I’m standing in the bath to take the picture, but you can’t see that there was awashing machine tucked under the sink at my feet. In such a small space you could easily descend into chaos. The previous mistress had placed about 20 self adhesive hooks stuck all over.

Living room: Before

When we arrived last year for the holidays, we had planned to start sorting the contents and tossing things right away. But with so many knick knacks on the walls and shelves we quickly realized that anything that was removed left a gaping hole in the decor. A glaringly obvious, annoying hole. So we left it all intact until this Fall when we could finally make arrangements for the work to begin once the season ended and the building emptied out.

Regretfully everything was in wonderful shape and the apartment had been lovingly maintained. It wasn’t our taste but the interior had a consistent “grandma style” that was carried throughout the apartment.  We’d already discovered that changing anything had a domino effect, so it was clear that we had to choose between keeping everything and not keeping anything.

We have sworn never to tell this sweet couple what we did next…


3 responses to “Renovation: Before Pictures

  1. Oh man, you have me sitting on the edge of my seat! Can’t wait to see how it’s all turned out…

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