What a (Christmas) Pickle

At the Children’s Christmas market in Nürnberg the other day, I tried to save American’s dwindling reputation. Fortified by two Glühwein mit Schuß (shot of run), I couldn’t help but interrupt the group next to me when I heard this:

Dude nearby: (in German) “…and she was telling me that Americans believe that Germans decorate their Christmas trees with pickles! Real sour pickles. How strange is that?”

Group: (nodding at the strangeness and shrugging at the wonder of it.)

Well, that just couldn’t end there. I usually do not break into conversations I’m not a part of and the only other time I’ve done that over here was when I heard an Italian guy insist that all Americans check their pasta doneness by throwing a few on the wall.

Having spread my own misinformation about Christmas in the past, I felt the need to nip this one on the bud by immediately leaning into their circle and telling them that, sorry, Americans are a bit naive about the world and are inclined to believe or be ignorant of the oddest things (“is there freedom in Germany?“) but there’s no way that we believe that Germans – the inventors of quality seasonal decoration, and models of hygiene and order- would actually hang a real pickle on their Christmas tree.

I mean, there’s no way. Right? Right? Oh, come on people!? This is embarrassing.


7 responses to “What a (Christmas) Pickle

  1. Great minds, I guess…

    … but like I mentioned, I never heard of this until I stepped foot in Germany. Very odd.

    • It IS odd. The guy I talked to insisted that he’d heard it from a secretary who’d just come back from vacation in San Francisco. I told him, dude we have all types in that town, it’s a melting pot of culture. Maybe she spoke with a new arrival. But I’m from San Francisco and I can assure we’re not all convinced you hang pickles on your trees.

      At least it’s a harmless misconception.


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  2. LOL, hilarious. I hate pickles and certainly wouldn’t want them on the tree. And San Francisco, c’mon.

  3. Hey Megan–

    Just wanted to let you know the bride Sharisa designed her dress and had it made locally. Her bridal shoot will be featured soon and will give all the details as to who made it as well as the jewelry.

    I’ll keep you posted! Thanks!

  4. M: Crazy question, but that’s how I roll: I’m wondering if you could recommend any “authentic” Chinese or Korean restaurants in Munich? Long story, but my friend is entertaining some guys from his Asian factory in Munich next week, and they are not fans of the Hofbrau Haus. Feel free to send me a note on my “fake” (secondary) email: gregg__2@lycos.com [note the 2 underscores], or on comments at my dumbass blog. Thanks! -G

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