Annnd break!

So a quick break turned into a loooong break. It wasn’t planned, it just sort of evolved that way. Mentally I haven’t been that far away though. Almost daily I’ve been composing updates in my head that make it about as far as draft stage or as scribble on a piece of paper in whatever bag I’m carrying around. A lot has built up, but nothing made it to post.

I kept asking myself what was so hard about actually sitting down and getting it all out? Simple answer: log jam

See there was this one story that sort of blocked the rest. It was one I couldn’t share for a while and then didn’t feel like talking about. But it was also the one story that affected everything that came after, so it had to come first, right?

Maybe. Either way, I let it stop me. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to share it, I just couldn’t for a while. But now, finally, I’m typing again.

As I do that you can ask yourselves, what was the subliminal message McAll Magazine trying to send with that image above? (Hint: check out the shoe horn people.)

Poor puppy.


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