Renovation: What We Did – Entryway and Bath

Nuts, I’ve lost the one close-up I had of the entryway. Let’s skip to the bathroom!

Renovation: What We Did – Entryway and Hallway and Bath

Again to keep things open we removed the doorway and half the wall between the kitchen and the living room space and instead installed another sliding door between the bedroom and bathroom that recedes into the wall unless needed.

Hidden away unless needed - the second sliding door.

The planks of the floor were laid long to add a feeling of length space (where there really is none). The nice thing about a place so small is that ‘nicer’ wood for the floor isn’t that much more expensive. Being on a mountain, the biggest cost is the delivery and installation, regardless of what you install. So with such small square footage we felt we could actually go for oak floors.  We chose to leave them a little rough, and a little knotty, to give things a little more rustic feeling.

Real wood floors. We don't even have this in our 'real' apartment.

The bathroom was another big deal. It was originally two rooms, a separate toilet and shower, accessed by a small hallway off the kitchen. The plumbing required that we keep half of the wall between the two spaces, but the rest we knocked out to absorb the hallway space into the bathroom, making it one big divided room.  We switched the shower room sink and the toilet, creating a bathroom where two people could shower and get ready at the same time.

The new bathroom

Nope, we still haven't installed the toilet paper holder. Eh, it's a work in progress.

(Psst: For those in the know, here’s another huge upgrade: we went from a poop shelf toilet to a modern/normal one. HUGE quality of life increase for a small apartment. If you don’t understand what I mean, be happy.)

The wash area also houses the catbox which the fuzzheads can access through their own door.

They prefer the real door, but not matter what, they have access.

One of our favorite aspects of the new apartment is the rain shower head that Oliver copied from the shower cabins in the Lufthansa Welcome Lounge in Frankfurt. (Tip: If you have lounge access, be sure to take advantage of this heavenly service.)  Those cabins were our inspiration for our little bathroom. We figured if Lufthansa could fit all those amenities into one room, then we could too.

Again, better than life at home. I sense a pattern here...

I think we did pretty ok here. The workmen installed the wrong tiles on the floor. It was supposed to be an athracite / slate tile. We were going to replace it, but now it’s grown on us and they cut us a steep discount – so we’re sticking with it. Go bad communication!

Next up… kitchen!


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