Renovation: What We Did – The Kitchen

Hanging the kitchen from the wall instead of building it on the floor was Oliver’s idea. The carpenter thought he was crazy but agreed in the end that the space under the cabinets made the room seem more open – and in a shoebox every little thing counts.

See? Floats.

This has also turned out to be a great place to keep the cats’ food and water accessible but not underfoot.

By taking out part of the living room wall and the bathroom hallway, we had to sacrifice some kitchen space. We just managed to fit in everything we deemed essential: a fridge, stovetop, oven/microwave combo and a dishwasher.

And here's a close-up.

With all the great huts on the mountain and the restaurant on the ground floor of the building there isn’t a whole lot of cooking that goes on in this apartment. Other than the occasional intimate breakfast and some late night drunken spaghetti making, the kitchen is mostly the place for plating snacks, cooling the beer and uncorking the wine. But if you want to, you can cook and prepare meals for four people and all the dishes will fit in the dishwasher afterward.

More compact, with just enough space for the skinny espresso maker.

We chose a small induction plate stovetop, reducing to two burners for space. The induction stove was a bit of a splurge but along with being superfast and efficient, the non-heat-conductive top is very friendly to inquisitive cat paws (and theoretical children’s fingers). The induction stove is also fast enough that we were able to further cut down on clutter and discard the egg cooker and electric tea kettle – usually two essential German appliances.

The dishwasher was another luxury we had to go for. Two words: relationship saver.

Nothing keeps love alive like a dishwasher, baby! If only it would unload itself.

Because we have the dishwasher the sink is the absolute smallest one we could find that fit. (Wanna wash a pot? Stick in the dishwasher you freak!) A cutting board fits over it for extended workspace.

Just for washing vegetables and hands, really.

I really love the little kitchen. Every time I use it, I’m put in a good mood. This is probably because it’s built to “Oliver scale”. We used to have to hunch over and squat to do anything in the old place. Now the counter is at the right level and the top shelves of the cupboards and fridge are up high. We store a footstool in the space under the kitchen for our shorter guests.

Next up…the living room!


3 responses to “Renovation: What We Did – The Kitchen

  1. I love your pink wall!

    • Thanks! 🙂 Some more back story on that will come with the living room post, but it was a small risk we feel paid off. It’s still rather a topic of controversy up there.

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