Renovation: The “Why Not Now?” Method

The nagging, demanding wife thing worked pretty well by the way. I wasn’t always clear on what all was going on, but I focused my contribution to making sure that anything that could be done today was not left for tomorrow. I also found that staring without words worked great.


Worker: “So we’ll leave now for dinner and come back in the morning to drill the holes for the cable/internet.”

Me (smiling): “Why don’t you just do that now before you go? The cable guy could come early. A hole can’t take that long.”

Worker: “Well it’s getting dark and my drill is in the car.”

Me: <*unblinking stare*>

Worker: “…ok I’ll get the drill.”

I’m sure they hated it every time I walked into the room, but to my credit, I often brought beers to keep their spirits up.


And except for some semi-major re-dos (that did not happen on my watch) that would have to be done after our vacation, the apartment did come together in the last 15 hours or so leading up to the deadline. No one works well under pressure like construction guys.

The vacation was saved and we had a new place to rest our heads for Christmas.


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