On Cats, Bags, and Keeping Them In There

Besides staying pregnant, I’d kinda wanted to keep any subsequent pregnancy under wraps until I was sure it was going to stick. This is hard on a trip with 17 people, all of whom expect you to drink a lot.

Still, we decided to try.

Our brilliant plan included telling no one and me always having a glass of wine that I didn’t really drink. With so many people at the table, this was actually easier to do that I thought. We probably didn’t even need the second part of our plan which was for Oliver to switch our glasses every once in a while so my glass could sometimes be refilled. He would also intercept the schnapps that I didn’t manage to toss under the table (my favorite trick when I couldn’t handle any more).

Let’s just say he did his job very well. So well that I’ve rarely seen him that hammered, that often. After two days he told me he just couldn’t keep up this pace. We needed allies.


So this is how, inside of 24 hours, the entire mountain would learn that I was pregnant, but “shh don’t tell anyone else”.

I’m not going to point a specific finger, but certain people were told, who promised to keep it mum. Of course there were exaggerated winks and pats on hands, and even some misguided extra rounds of schnapps sent in my direction because “this early didn’t make a difference” (which is cute if not also horribly misinformed) but that pretty much escaped detection. However, sometime in the evening, after some wine, someone told someone who told others…and my parents don’t speak German. That’s all I’m sayin’.

By New Years I was being congratulated ‘secretly’ by a lot of people.

Ah well. We tried. It was kind of funny how much the whole thing didn’t work and poor Oliver endured several serious unnecessary hangovers. But on the other hand it was clear that a lot of people were happy for us and that’s always nice.

I did tell some certain people that if everyone had to be un-told about this news, that they were now responsible for doing it, not me.

And that’s how the year 2010 ended for us: Two pregnancies and one apartment renovation with quite a few bumps in the road along the way, and me stone-cold sober at the stroke of midnight with my fingers crossed.

Our hopes for the next year were for easier sailing and no complications.


One response to “On Cats, Bags, and Keeping Them In There

  1. Oh man, we’re only at New Year’s?! Your story-telling is suspenseful but I really want to know that the best things happened to and for you. Keep writing!

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