A Slow Crawl to 40 Weeks

Time. It’s never on your side. It had seemed to be flying by until I got pregnant, when suddenly everything skid to an incremental crawl. Each day seemed to last forever. But slowly, one after the other, they accumulated into weeks that I could check off, each one taking me a little closer to that magical three month mark, when everyone tells you that you can relax a little.

When I got pregnant, I started keeping track of the weeks by reading Alphamom’s Zero to Forty calendar – which are the funny, down-to-earth observations made by Amy Storch through her first two pregnancies.  The first time I’d barely gotten started before it became clear things weren’t going anywhere good. So I stopped reading, promising myself I’d be back soon.

Although I didn’t get a calculated due date until my first doctor appointment in early January after we returned from vacation, thanks to the oh-so-romantic fact that we’d been working with a fertility specialist who of course had us on a schedule, I knew exactly how pregnant I was and picked up with the calendar again right away.

This time, with the help of more competent doctors, tests and proper medication *knock on wood*, everything so far has gone as it should.

On Saturday, I got to open this week in the calendar. At this point, I have to admit that I think the walrus analogy is rather spot-on. But, having made it to 32 weeks, I’m not complaining.


4 responses to “A Slow Crawl to 40 Weeks

  1. 32 weeks! Whoo! You’re on the home stretch now.
    And I’m sure you make a very lovely walrus.

  2. Woohooo!!! Congratulations! I’m really happy for you, and once you get to that happy, safe, good place, time will start to fly by.

  3. Thrilled to hear! You are a few weeks ahead of me 🙂
    I will check the calendar – those updates look like more fun than the ones I have.

  4. Congratulations! After all the strife/awkwardness/heartache you’ve been through, you’ll appreciate your little miracle all the more. Plus what a way to guilt him/her during those turbulent teen years: “how dare you {insert unimaginable slight here} after all I went through to bring you into this world?!”

    Really happy for you… the best is yet to come!

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