More Life List Items – Double Check.

To Do (in) Life List Item # 13. Go to Bourbon and Branch and # 21. Have Drinks at the Tonga Room (before it’s gone).


Both of these are long checked off but had never been accounted for. Being 7 1/2 months pregnant, it’s fun to revisit less sober times. I am soo looking forward to my first cocktail and a whole bottle of wine just for me. Until then, memory lane must suffice.

Bourbon and Branch

I love bars with style like Bourbon and Branch that focus on well-made drinks in a great environment. I try to stop by now every time when I’m in town. Oliver manages to go several times a year thanks to his business travel. That irks a little sometimes.

House rules – no mobile phones, no name dropping and “don’t even think of asking for a Cosmo”.  I followed all three, so no pictures. Don’t expect them to rush your order, each drink is mixed with loving care.

The Tonga Room

Will it be torn down or won’t it? No one knows for sure. The Tonga Room sits in an area of the Fairmont Hotel that has been proposed for a new high rise luxury residential building. Its fate seems to be still undecided. I never actually managed to visit when I lived in the city but had a hilarious time when I finally did. Long live the Tonga Room (hopefully).

The Tonga Room in its heyday

Recipe for a great time at the Tonga Room:

Step one: Order the Mai Tai for two.

Drink it.

One bowl will allow you to admire and play with the garnish.

Step 2: Order a Scorpion for two. Drink.

Step 3: Realize you can order all drinks in bowls for two!

Get Excited!

Enjoy working your way through the menu.

Consume your libations with dignity and grace.

Jest quietly with your partner.

Listen when told to shush. Keep ordering more drinks in bowls.

Keep playing with the long straws because they're hilarious.

Let everything get all warm and fuzzy.

Stick an umbrella in your hair and have no memory of the rest of the night after getting in the cab. Wake up happily hungover in your hotel.


One response to “More Life List Items – Double Check.

  1. I LOVE Bourbon and Branch and miss it greatly! We didn’t make it on our last trip out (due to unending list of shit to do), but maybe next year…

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