Ok, it’s a bit too early for this but still, how cute it this? Would you let your little one rock this Vespa? I’m tempted, but maybe I just need a real one for myself.


6 responses to “Want

  1. Better not show that to my husband. He has a real Vespa and he’d totally buy the rocker even though our kids are 15 and 18. Adorable.

  2. It is super adorable!! I say it’s ok to want this.

  3. Love it…so cute! I am trying to control the spending urges and have been doing a good job so far. Our biggest splurge has been a Bugaboo Chameleon, which I justified as it is our ‘wheels’ seeing as we don’t have a car. But even that was bought used 1 year. Urges worse since I started maternity leave and have time for online searching and shopping!

    Hope you are hanging in there and staying calm about the whole delivery thing. I finished birth class and am a bit fixated on how the experience will be and how I will manage it.


  4. Awww… Completely cute. I actually have a Vespa in that color, no less. And I STILL want this “Rocking Roller” haha.
    Nice blog!

  5. hey this picture is so cute i want one but my mom said no

  6. I still love it but something tells me that this would be one of those things that the parents love and the kid scorns. But there’s plenty of time to consider it, the jury is still out. 😉

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