Still who?

meatI’m Megan. Up until recently I lived in Munich. I now live in Nürnberg with my husband, Oliver, our red cat, Fergus, and the newly adopted country kitten, Scarlett.

I love them dearly, although all of them  at times have bitten my toes and peed on my laundry.

Some years ago, I lived in San Francisco and Oliver lived in Munich. It wasn’t clear how this was going to work out. Then one day several situations combined into a window of opportunity where I could either play it safe or drop it all and go for broke. The next day everything I owned went into storage in my parents’ basement and two days later I arrived in Munich with one giant suitcase.

That was December 27, 2001.

It wasn’t well planned, it didn’t always go well and it wasn’t easy. But it worked. Some eight years later, I’m Still Here, Still Foreign.

This site began as a place to share my stories with friends and family, an alternative to the barrage of  sometimes profane emails that were loading their in-boxes.

Questions are always welcome and answers are quite likely. I had an email up here that I never checked (sorry), contact can be more reliably made by leaving a message in the comments. I never got into using aliases and now it’s too late to turn back. Please don’t stalk me or tell my co-workers.

When I have the time I try to post old emails from the files, so the back story should slowly unveil itself. I could give it to you all here but that would be long…and tedious, and if you don’t like that reason ask yourself this question,

“Why are you here?”

Exactly, so start reading.

To read the original bio, click here.

© 2010 – These are all my words. Use your own please.


6 responses to “Still who?

  1. Hi Megan,
    After that fateful event last fall and my frantic request for a favor, I am now actually in Germany, Nuremberg, fighting culture shock and separation anxiety. 😉
    let the adventure begin…..
    Cheers, Nicole

  2. Hi Megan-

    I was googling keywords and came across your blog. I am an American that will be getting married in Munich in September and I was wondering if you had any suggestions. So far, the wedding planning has been overwhelming!

  3. Hi JL

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I wish I knew a little more about your situation. Are you having any particular problems with the planning (not that it is not in itself quite a project)?

    When I got married, I tried not to be a crazed bride and so didn’t put up too much detail, but if you’d like to give me a hint of what topics you might be interested in I’m sure I can share something that would help and also refer to other expat posts that will as well.

    Any stumbling blocks in particular so far?

  4. Greets from Oakland, CA!

    Looking like my wife and I will be moving to Bonn next year. How can I email you, and maybe even meet up for a beer/bite when we arrive?

  5. LOL, I love the shirt.

  6. Wow! You’re in Germany! I just visited Germany earlier this month… I was in Stuttgart and neighbouring areas.

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