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Barking Up the Wrong Tree

I love knowing the search engine terms that land people on this little web log. But you elephant fetishists and college students are probably terribly disappointed when you find me instead of what you’re really looking for.

I got news for the elephant dudes: according to my stats, you are soo not alone out there!

Annnd break!

So a quick break turned into a loooong break. It wasn’t planned, it just sort of evolved that way. Mentally I haven’t been that far away though. Almost daily I’ve been composing updates in my head that make it about as far as draft stage or as scribble on a piece of paper in whatever bag I’m carrying around. A lot has built up, but nothing made it to post.

I kept asking myself what was so hard about actually sitting down and getting it all out? Simple answer: log jam

See there was this one story that sort of blocked the rest. It was one I couldn’t share for a while and then didn’t feel like talking about. But it was also the one story that affected everything that came after, so it had to come first, right?

Maybe. Either way, I let it stop me. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to share it, I just couldn’t for a while. But now, finally, I’m typing again.

As I do that you can ask yourselves, what was the subliminal message McAll Magazine trying to send with that image above? (Hint: check out the shoe horn people.)

Poor puppy.

Kittens! Or how I hijacked blog traffic.

This is now, officially, hands-down, my most popular post ever. At first I wasn’t sure what was driving traffic during my infrequent (but smashingly brilliant) posts. But comparing it with my google search results, the pattern became clear.

If you’re visiting this site for the first time, this is probably you:

A working stiff , you just arrived at the office. It’s the end of the month or the beginning, your project has just ended, or begun and the last thing you want to do at that moment is actually work.

You sit at your computer and decide to do something that makes you look productive, but is also fun.

That’s right, you’re surfing.

If you just googled “Kittens!”, welcome to my site, feel free to read about if you want, but I suspect you have to get to work soon, so here’s your crack:

Kittens! Cute Kittens! Chubby kittens! Baby Cats!

Kittens! Cute Kittens! Chubby kittens! Baby Cats! Whatever you call your poison, here they are. Enjoy.

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Hey, that’s me there.

I just happened to be browsing* the blog at  ThisNext, the social shopping site where I started putting up lists about two years ago and was (at first totally and then pleasantly) surprised to see my Oktoberfest picks staring back at me. Hey now, if I’d known I’d be a contender for recognition, I would have put a leettle more thought into my punctuation.

Meh. Ah well. Still, it’s nice to be recognized, no?


To see the post in its full glory so you can be astounded all over again, click on the pic above. I suggest quickly moving on since O’Fest is over and have a browse through my list on pasties. Christmas is coming faster than you think and there’s a Santa’s Helper pair in there! Jingle Bells for everyone! 😉

*full disclosure: this is not true. I was snooping. Their intern wrote me just before my vacation last month asking me if I’d submit an interview for their blog. The questions I got included a haiku request. This is not the normal thing I would jump at doing, but I feel challenged to swallow my skepitcal pride and give it a whirl.  I needed to see what the others have done first, of course.

An Apple a Day

Rushing downtown to meet Olli for a spontaneous Gluehwein at Marienplatz yesterday evening, we were greeted with a surprise. An Apple store had emerged from an eternal construction site within spitting distance from the Glockenspiel.

Part of me is a bit sad to see something so familiar and American while another part was excited to have a place to turn to the next time my power cord decides to self-immoliate. My consumerism appears to be winning and has almost convinced the naysayer in me to overlook the obvious homogenization of my (increasingly not-so) foriegn environment.

After all, it’s not Starbucks.

Short Cocktail Break

Martini, originally uploaded by meganinmunich.

WordPress was testing me yesterday to see if I was paying attention. I guess that’s a sign to put some more effort into my communication, which means I need to drink more and work less.

All work and no play makes for a very dry martini.

The site is back up, you may all resume not panicking over it.

I am now working on content.


…now you don’t.

…now you don’t.

Originally uploaded by meganinmunich.

Hey there.

Are you one of the those wondering where I’ve been?

There are excuses and reason but the gist of it is this:

Lost my head and my blog for a while, back in a few. I’ve almost got everything back to rights again.

Bis gleich!