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The occasional cool thing I have to have, and maybe you do too.


Ok, it’s a bit too early for this but still, how cute it this? Would you let your little one rock this Vespa? I’m tempted, but maybe I just need a real one for myself.


Made In Germany

This* came into my inbox this morning, I think it’s a pretty great summary of Saturday’s game.

"Raw" talent isn't enough to win without the right tools.

I am so not a football fan, but after Saturdays’s game against Argentina, even I have to say, “Good job Germany”!

(*thanks Babe!)

Birthday Splash

Oliver and I hopped aboard yet another train for a quick trip up North this weekend to celebrate the 60th birthday of a good family friend.

Gerlinde, my mother-in-law, dreamed up a great answer to the dilemma of what to give a man who has everything:

Quite A Splash Indeed

Gerlinde was a ball of nerves leading up to the evening. Turned out she didn’t need to be. Everyone who’d been lucky enough to chip in on this present was pretty pleased with themselves afterwards, me included. Anyone living in Germany might recognize her from the semi-finals of this show last year (video).

It was a fantastic, although my iPhone picture isn’t. The video of her act above is worth the effort, as was her performance.

I’ll Kill Her (Well, I’d At Least Consider It)

Because my music collection is miserable and my iTunes library a disorganized mess, I’ve been really enjoying listening to 8Tracks, which is basically the online equivalent of sharing mixed tapes.  I’m having a lot of fun and am uncovering more new music than I can afford (or bother) to ever purchase on my own.

This little French singer Soko is my flavor of the day, partly for her killer accent, but also for her killer attitude.

Oliver and I have very different views on fault and blame when it comes to cheating. His (perhaps European?)  attitude towards infidelity exonerates the outside person. Although I would also place the fault squarely on the one who strayed, I don’t think I could entirely help having some feelings about the person they turned to.

Maybe it’s immature, but deep down, even though I wouldn’t act on it, if ever in the situation, a part of me would want to react exactly like this:

Plus, I think her hair is totally cute.

German Sparkle Party!

Do You Like To Party Party? Yes, I Like To Sparkle Party!

*WARNING* This will stick in your head ALL day and ALL night.

I am in love with this German Sparkle Party video on youtube from the Something Experience. Now, I can’t stop saying, “party pants, party pants!” in a bad German accent.

Even to people who won’t get the reference.

Put on your party pants everyone! Happy Weekend!

Friday Morning Surf

Reading up on Alexander Mcqueen, I was reminded about these legs, on this woman, that I first thought were fantastic, other-worldly boots.

This winter has seen me wearing almost only these Shabbies from Amsterdam. I love boots, and I like snowy winters, but I am about ready for a change to something different.

The fruitless humping in dark rooms has subsided somewhat but the tufts of hair continue to multiply. As time to vacuum is hard to find, I think it’s a matter of days before I cave and get this super dude.

I’ll be treading lightly and carrying a big stick now that I see Signs your cat is plotting to kill you.

A giant crab with five foot legs would make a great gumbo. Apparently if a cannibal were to eat me, I would most likely taste like broiled fish.

Hmmm, so does my husband. They fart glitter, 10 reasons to date a unicorn.

And finally, the Unhappy Hipsters put the right words to the pictures that always seemed a bit…off.

Believe it or not, it was one of their more successful parties.

Joy of Painting – Bavaria Style

People back home just don’t have any idea about the Bob Ross phenomenon in Germany. Those who are my age and a bit older will remember coming across him on public television when they were probably trolling hopefully for Sesame Street. Like me they discovered the mesmerizing qualities of his voice and manner.  There was an attraction about him that’s hard to put a finger on, but he drew you in. He was catchy.

He’s not quite the equivalent of what Jerry Lewis is to the French, but Bob is a well-loved cultural icon over here. This is evidenced by this clip I stumbled across on youtube.

Without further ado, here is Bob Ross explaining the basics of Bavaria. Take it away Bob!