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Cat Scratching Fever

No, this is not a blog about cats. But, our cats are doing quite well, thanks!

See? They get along splendidly now.

The two kittens, or cats actually, cuddling.

Too bad about that eye, this would have been a cute shot.

If you don’t want to hear anymore about what they’ve destroyed or how much UPS is making off of my deliveries for products to keep them happy and our apartment in order,  stop here.

(And maybe just look at a kitten! picture. Eeeh! The cuteness hurts my teeth.)

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Please sir may I have some more?

Still quite the street urchin, Scarlett will try and eat anything. Along with snatching food right out from under Fergus’s nose, using a clever monkey-like maneuver with her little paw to drag everything into her waiting open mouth, she’ll have a go at stealing anything not securely sealed in thick layers of plastic.

Nothing is really safe from her, but she has a particular fondness for bread. We discovered this when Oliver baked a loaf and left it to cool on the counter. Twenty minutes later, he found the whole back end missing, nibbled off while it was still steaming hot. This was also after she’d already lapped up the entire egg wash he’d prepared for the crust when his back was turned.

The egg theft was probably a healthy move for her. I wasn’t so sure about the bread, but after eating half her weight she didn’t even bloat, so apparently it’s ok.

We’re learning, albeit slowly, to keep things out of her reach. In the meantime, butter and cheese slices go missing and crackers get mysterious rounded edges when left on the counter out of direct line of sight.

Oh, and very spicy curried cauliflower seems to be her thing too.

Kittens! Or how I hijacked blog traffic.

This is now, officially, hands-down, my most popular post ever. At first I wasn’t sure what was driving traffic during my infrequent (but smashingly brilliant) posts. But comparing it with my google search results, the pattern became clear.

If you’re visiting this site for the first time, this is probably you:

A working stiff , you just arrived at the office. It’s the end of the month or the beginning, your project has just ended, or begun and the last thing you want to do at that moment is actually work.

You sit at your computer and decide to do something that makes you look productive, but is also fun.

That’s right, you’re surfing.

If you just googled “Kittens!”, welcome to my site, feel free to read about if you want, but I suspect you have to get to work soon, so here’s your crack:

Kittens! Cute Kittens! Chubby kittens! Baby Cats!

Kittens! Cute Kittens! Chubby kittens! Baby Cats! Whatever you call your poison, here they are. Enjoy.

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Kitten Update – We’re Making Progress

She's quite the lady next to him.

At the close of week three with a new cat in the household, things are finally settling down. Here’s a list of updates:

She’s not pregnant, just prone to chubbiness

It appears we've dodged the bullet.

Scarlett looks like she will be a dainty little cat, but she’s got a street urchin’s appetite, so we’re gonna have to watch her. The belly grows depending on what she’s able to stuff in there, so we’re pretty sure there isn’t any other trouble brewing.

Drugs are bad

No feel gud. Go way.

The worms meds we gave her were like kitten drano and wiped her digestive tract out of commission for two weeks. The first week she was really suffering and needed a lot of looking after. Now after two weeks of shots and digestive flora supplements, she’s bounced back and pooping like a champion.

Fergus wants to eat her or…um…well

They're not yet ready to cuddle, but I keep hoping.

Just like with the last little one in the household, Fergus could barely contain himself from licking and chomping on the kitten like he was trying to get to the chewy center of a Tootsie Pop. Also, he seems to notice this one is female. This make us uncomfortable sometimes, we’d like to think they could develop a family bond…but either it’s more of a backcountry one or he’s trying to be that creepy uncle in every family whose lap you know better than to sit on.

Apparently she's delicious.

He’s fixed, and she will be soon, so nothing can happen – and really nothing does – and it seems to be tapering off, we hope.

This is as close as they've come to co-sleeping.

Fergus loves his bag again

He’s way too small for it, but ever since I started transporting Scarlett to the doctor in it, Fergus has been taking every opportunity to snooze in his old bag and keep her out of it. It seems unfair to stick him in plastic crate and let her travel in style. I will now have to get around to getting him a new one.

Iz mein, U cant havvit.


And for the Google image surfers coming over on kitten searches, may I suggets these sites:


Daily Kitten

Sleepy Kittens (it’s a photo-song-montage)

And…CuteOverLoad Kittens!

Now go waste your Friday somewhere else. 🙂

A funny thing happened as we were leaving Austria

Two weeks of winter vacation in the Carinthian Alps resulted this year in a bit more than good times and an extra few kilos.

…a stowaway, hopefully without too much baggage of her own.

Hot Topics: Red Cat Names and Burning Man

If you don’t post much, you have no business checking out your blog stats. I know this. I am guilty of this. And yet, I checked mine.

Hot topics on my blog of late? Burning Man gear and names for red cats. I should actually switch that because names for red cats comes first. Who would have known that names for red cats were so hard to come up with? I didn’t.

So to make things a little easier, here’s what I didn’t post when I got Fergus. Behold the alternative names for the red kitten:

Tony (as in the tiger, grrr)
Finnegan (but that was taken)
O’Malley (too many syllables)
Rory (but my friend of the same name might have been confused)
Guinness (more suited to a black cat, really)

…And my second runner up: Winston (which Oliver hated and thus vetoed)

There was also a whole list that emerged from a drunken discussion between my sister-in-law and the proprietor of our favorite restaurant that ended in him surveying the entire clientele that night. The names were kind of what you would expect from people in that condition and not much help.

And so after much soul-searching, Fergus got his name.  I think it’s a great name for a cat and it has the added bonus of not being a contender for people names for our friends and family, something people in our generation often notice way too late. (“Can’t name her Emma, sweetie, Emma pees on my laundry.”)

And for you Burning Man people, my updated shopping list is here, with a bit more explanation here. T-minus 12 days people. Do you know where your gorilla tape is?

*Updated, thanks Christina!

The Great Catotel Experiment

**Update – Fergus seems to have weathered that a lot better than expected. True, he’d hidden himself in a corner when we got there to collect him, but he was healthy and intact and even gave us a headbutt greeting when picked up. I’m feeling better about the upcoming two weeks he’ll be spending there, although I still wish the place had a webcam so I could check in.**

Tonight begins a big experiment. We’ve not been successful in finding a new super-cat-babysitter like we had in Munich to look after Fergus.

With our annual trip to the US, we’ve had to compromise our principals. We’ve opened our minds to boarding him.

We’d looked into services that come to the house, but since we still haven’t met our neighbors, the risk seemed too high that he’d be left alone, fed irregularly, or perhaps not at all.

So this weekend is the big test. Ahead of us is a three day weekend in Austria. Ahead of Fergus is a short stint at what I’m calling (and hoping will be like) Summer Camp.

We checked it out two weeks ago. The lady seemed nice and the cats content. I saw plenty of places he could hide and mope. To give him an edge, I stopped clipping his nails.

Hope he doesn’t get his fuzzy butt kicked.