I Love Stuff

Here’s the thing. I like stuff. Actually I love stuff.

I like finding stuff and I like telling people about it almost more than I actually like buying it. And you know what? I think I’m not that bad at it.

Check my shopping lists over at ThisNext.com and judge for yourself. To see all my lists go directly here, a few of the highlights are below.

The newest:

Oktoberfest Diva – When Oktoberfest comes around, ladies, you’re going to want to look the part.

Oh Baby (Prime Baby Gear) – A list in progress for those of you who hate clown prints and firmly believe that parents are allowed to enjoy parenting without compromising taste or their sense of fun.

My all time most popular:

So you wanna go to Burning Man? – Eleven years ago, my first Burning Man was spent sheltered under taped-together trash bags. This list covers everything I’ve learned since then. From first timers to long term Burners, everyone I know who’s seen this list has walked away with an idea or two. For Burning Man Preparation, planning and shopping, consider this list when making yours.

Swim Diva – My part in the fight against the bikini clad having all the fun. Screw that. It’s easy enough to bare it all, finding a suit that’s actually elegant is hard. There are my current favorites.

White Trash BBQ – It’s summer and you’re not in a Martha Stewart kind of mood. More a collection of clichés than an actual shopping list, here is the other way to go.

And I think these aren’t bad either:

The Ironic Housewife –  Here’s some ironic – or better sarcastic – armor to don when you find yourself in a domestic situation and wish to remind your spouse that this is not the new status quo.

The Perfect Aunt – Started this when I heard I had a nephew on the way. Luckily for my sister-in-law, who does not always share my taste, follow-thru was not on this list.

Stuff You Didn’t Know You Needed (and don’t) – Well maybe you do actually.

Headlights – I went off on a tangent once and discovered a whole passle of providers of pasties. Couldn’t just delete that now could I?

Object Lust: These things, I want them so… – I love stuff. I love this stuff the most. Oh, honey? I really want this stuff.


5 responses to “I Love Stuff

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  2. I read some of your burning man list and I noticed it says 11 years experience at burning man. I just moved to Nberg for several years, do you really go back every year and go to burning man?

    I regretfully gave away all my dusty play gear to other people when I was getting ready to move because I didn’t have anywhere to store it. Do you know of anything closer to my new home that is a comparably unique experience (obviously there is only ONE burning man), but there must be other, … festivals seems like the wrong word… events, european events that will be magical and inspiring.


  3. Hi Coco!

    Yes, I started going to Burning Man in 1998 and have gone back every year since. It’s where I have met some of the most important people in my life and where I have had some of the most influential experiences too. This year may be the first year my husband and I don’t make it, which is still hard to fathom but after so many years a break isn’t tragic.

    Coming from Germany, attending hasn’t always been easy to manage. So we have looked for something over in Europe, but I have to tell you I haven’t found anything like it. The music festivals in England are surely nice, but aren’t even comparable.

    I’ve heard that the Regional Burn in Spain is pretty great, but that’s from 3rd-hand reports, so I don’t know how reliable that is.

    I’d suggest that you post this same question on the Bman message boards – right now they’re getting the most traffic for the year. Someone else may have a suggestion. If you find something good, please be sure to let me know!

    Best of luck and (cough) welcome to Nberg. 😉

  4. Hang on there a minute Coco! Strange coincidence, but I just heard about the Secret Garden Party in the UK. It’s different, but has a heavy BM influence. Too bad you didn’t leave your email so I can call your attention to it. It’s this month and looks like a real possible alternative.

    Google it and check it out if you read this.

  5. Hmmm, I thought I did leave my email. it’s: sequoia(dot)alba(at)gmail. This secret garden party looks awesome, thanks. Do you know anyone who has been? I think I might go if I can sort out getting there and everything. I looked for advice about what to bring, but I didn’t see anything. Thanks Again!

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