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Kittens! Or how I hijacked blog traffic.

This is now, officially, hands-down, my most popular post ever. At first I wasn’t sure what was driving traffic during my infrequent (but smashingly brilliant) posts. But comparing it with my google search results, the pattern became clear.

If you’re┬ávisiting┬áthis site for the first time, this is probably you:

A working stiff , you just arrived at the office. It’s the end of the month or the beginning, your project has just ended, or begun and the last thing you want to do at that moment is actually work.

You sit at your computer and decide to do something that makes you look productive, but is also fun.

That’s right, you’re surfing.

If you just googled “Kittens!”, welcome to my site, feel free to read about if you want, but I suspect you have to get to work soon, so here’s your crack:

Kittens! Cute Kittens! Chubby kittens! Baby Cats!

Kittens! Cute Kittens! Chubby kittens! Baby Cats! Whatever you call your poison, here they are. Enjoy.

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