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More Life List Items – Double Check.

To Do (in) Life List Item # 13. Go to Bourbon and Branch and # 21. Have Drinks at the Tonga Room (before it’s gone).


Both of these are long checked off but had never been accounted for. Being 7 1/2 months pregnant, it’s fun to revisit less sober times. I am soo looking forward to my first cocktail and a whole bottle of wine just for me. Until then, memory lane must suffice.

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Happy Friday

If you have seven minutes and either some headphones or an office mate who doesn’t mind, this virtual ride down San Francisco’s Market street is a ride worth taking. The video, shot from a streetcar in 1905 (before the quake), takes you down towards the Ferry Building and captures all the quirky driving and pedestrian antics of the time. Be sure to listen to the music too.


(thanks to sfgirlbythebay for the link)