To Do List

My Big List of Things To Do Before I Die

Here are our Rules: The goal is to always have goals, and to always work towards achieving them. The number of goals on the list should be kept at 100, so choices should be considered with care. Once on the list, the goal stays on until achieved. A new one can be added only when one has been crossed off. No cancellations unless it is no longer humanly possible.

Aim for a good balance of short and long term goals – aim low and high, both big and small – too many of one or the other will ruin the fun.

Oh, and have fun.

Here’s The List:

  1. Gamble in a black tie casino, looking the part
  2. Learn to properly prepare an artichoke
  3. Lay hands on the pyramids
  4. Get to know my neighbors
  5. Conquer my banking phobia
  6. Have a great hat for each season
  7. See a Royal de Luxe show
  8. Find the perfect black dress
  9. Finish our wedding albums
  10. Take better care of the package (me)
  11. Learn to dance Tango or Waltz
  12. Have my great grandmother’s earrings reproduced in gold
  13. Go to Bourbon and Branch (done)
  14. Live in a third country (China was so close!)
  15. Learn a third language
  16. Swim with dolphins
  17. Learn to snorkel
  18. Ride a Vespa (Rome optional)
  19. Own real estate (done!)
  20. Go offline – Re-learn the lost art of handwriting
  21. Have drinks at the Tonga Room (before it’s gone) (done)
  22. Master preparing and serving a four course dinner
  23. Host an annual party everyone marks on their calendar
  24. Master planning and packing the perfect suitcase for a trip
  25. Visit the Tutankhamen exhibit at the Cairo museum
  26. Own art
  27. Overcome my shyness in German
  28. Set long term career goals
  29. Haggle for a price in a bazaar
  30. Make those spats
  31. Feed stray cats at the Coliseum
  32. Walk in the valley at Petra
  33. Have B&W prints of our favorite photos framed and hung on the wall
  34. Publish
  35. Learn to swim properly again (aka Go back into the water)
  36. Get my taxes in order
  37. Love my job
  38. Exercise regularly
  39. Have a whiskey in a pub in Ireland
  40. Wear gloves like a lady
  41. Sleep in a castle
  42. Go to a bar alone in the evening
  43. Move beyond the ponytail; Master 5 styles for my hair
  44. Use a parasol
  45. Learn to fearlessly parallel park our car in Europe
  46. Have a drink in Havana
  47. Find a regular haunt in the town I live in, become a regular
  48. Revive Champagne Thursdays (actual day is flexible)
  49. Find out what happened to Clifford Swift
  50. Ride a camel in an Arabian desert
  51. Stay at a phenomenal hotel: the Chedi, Six Senses, …
  52. See Marrakesh
  53. Learn to sail a boat
  54. Throw a candle-lit dinner party in the woods
  55. Organize a scavenger hunt throughout a city
  56. Re-purpose my wedding corset into an outfit I can wear
  57. Learn how to use all that eye makeup in the bathroom
  58. See a space shuttle take off or land
  59. Get back in the saddle; start riding again
  60. Do nice things for the people I love, just because
  61. Have a dress tailor-made
  62. Find a signature cocktail
  63. Wear a trench coat in Casablanca
  64. Learn to play poker
  65. Create travel guides for the cities I know well
  66. Learn the map of Europe (for real)
  67. Dig up Lena and put her where she belongs
  68. Make my own mozzarella
  69. Learn to deal better with conflict when I have a lot at stake
  70. Send off sky lanterns at New Years
  71. Drive the sand dunes
  72. Wear the mink (Done! and ongoing)
  73. Learn how to poach (eggs, fish, …)
  74. Have a night around a campfire in Europe
  75. Eat street food in Thailand
  76. See the President
  77. Make my own schnapps
  78. See a whale, eye to eye
  79. Write a personal mission statement
  80. Drive to Prague
  81. Fix personal website situation
  82. Learn to juggle
  83. Dine somewhere above and beyond the “norm”
  84. Learn to mix five good cocktails
  85. See the northern lights or St Elmos Fire
  86. Pet a tiger
  87. Learn to ski properly
  88. See a burlesque show in Paris
  89. Leave no shoe unworn!
  90. Have personal calling cards made
  91. Have professional photos done
  92. Know my own mind, say what I think
  93. Pull off a brilliant, devious, memorable prank
  94. Forgive someone, even if they don’t deserve it
  95. Make an enemy for life (one who’s worth it)
  96. Go mushroom gathering
  97. XXX (private)
  98. Pull off a Hoi Polloi color fight
  99. Make a duridango for places special to me
  100. Sabering; Learn to open champagne with a sword
  101. Renovate the Austrian apartment (done!)

And there they are. My kick-off post about this list is here. Updates will be posted (when interesting) as items are crossed off and new ones are added.

Credit must be given where credit is due: I was inspired to finally do this list by Maggie Mason over at Her list is here. She also maintains a list of links to others like me here. Be sure to have a look, there are some great ideas and stories over there.

To find out even more about Life / Bucket / To Do lists like these, here are some other websites to check out:

My Life List

43 Things

Barefoot List

Your 100 Things

*Update: A good tutorial on how to come up with a Life List you’ll be able to follow through on can be read here.


9 responses to “To Do List

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  4. Great list. I have a project of my own started with 200 items to do. I am in NorCal and was wondering what you miss most about the Bay Area? Check out my list if you get a chance. Picking up and moving like you did is really inspiring to get out and live life. I’ll keep checking back.

  5. Oh I forgot. Learning to make cheese is on my list also.

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  7. Find a regular haunt in the town I live in, become a regular. I don’t understand why that’s so fascinating, but believe me, I wanted to do that to. I wanted to be able to walk into a place and say – I’ll have my usual. And now, I am a fair regular at one of the joints near my workplace, where I smile and ask the waiter for a roll, and he knows I want a cottage cheese one.

    And the one about make-up… man, that’s on my list too!

    And hey! My list was inspired by Maggie too 😀
    I also like how you’ve dediced to add an item only once you strike one off.
    Good luck with your list!!

  8. Love it, I think I might do mine….yours has some great ones on it I would do if I was able:)

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