NOW it’s over – Viva Italia

Today Pietro, a work colleague, came into work with an Italian flag plastered on every visible piece of clothing and, according to him, plastered on everything we couldn’t see either. A little jaunty flag flew from his backpack as he rode his bike to the office and mounted the stairs to the second floor.

The company intranet forum was awash with jokes about pizza delivery guys, baguette boys and potato eaters until all jibes came together finally when they all agreed that since these ingredients went in potato pizza this meant we could all get along after all. This doesn’t really have to make sense to you non-football fans out there, as it seems to make cosmic sense to those who are.

Although I learned that it was wrong to mix carbs, apparently, we are all winners with potato pizza.

In other news, our washing machine must have been Italian as it died of joy at the end of the World Cup. It survived to see the final goal and then started spewing out boiling hot water no matter which direction we turned the knob. Luckily, Oliver’s shirts seemed to have been rescued in time.

There is a silver lining: Siemens is offering five percent discount for every goal of the winning World Cup team.

The washing machine is dead, long live the washing machine.


2 responses to “NOW it’s over – Viva Italia

  1. I’m glad for Italian and your washing machine…don’t upset, buy a new one ))

  2. *ROFL* And for some reason, now I have a craving for potato pizza…..